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How much of a resume is enough?

My son is in 8th grade and he plays sports year round. I don't see how he is going to add anything else to his schedule when he starts high school. Any guidance on building a resume would be helpful. I don't want to wait until his junior year to encourage him to get involved with a charitable organization and I don't want him making small projects look like a life of service either.


Betsy Muse
Be consistent

What I have gathered over the years watching my daughters and my friends' children go through this is that cramming a few projects into a year or two is not as impressive as showing a long-term commitment to civic engagement and taking leadership opportunities. I don't know that it is the number of activities, but the ongoing commitment to the organizations. 

Also, starting something on their own gets bonus points. It is much easier to show up for scheduled activities than it is to start a club or project from  scratch.

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