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How many "safe" schools is enough?

I have encouraged my daughter to apply to as many schools as she can with more than one safe school thrown in the mix. She is really dragging her feet making her final choices. A good friend's son only applied to one "safe" school and was really unhappy when that was where he wound up. (He was able to transfer after freshman year to his 1st choice, so happy ending!) My feeling is that if she winds up at a safe school at least she would have a choice.

Betsy Muse
When both of my daughters were applying I thought one was enough

My oldest was accepted to her dream school, but my youngest wasn't. She had one safe school and as the days counted down we started to rethink her decision to limit her university options. Fortunately, everything worked out and she graduates this May, but it is a lesson to pass along to others.

If I had to do it again, I would encourage her to apply to at least two and preferably three safe schools. If your daughter has any weaknesses in her application then I would add more.

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