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Update on its way! The ECU Honors College has been so successful that the university plans to double the size of incoming classes from 100 to 200 students. Other changes are coming for next year, so please check back for an update. We will have it posted as soon as we get the information necessary.

The Honors College at East Carolina University is a young program with a lot of promise. In 2013 ECU welcomed 110 academically talented students representing the fourth class in the program. In a few short years, the Honors College at East Carolina University has helped the University attract a growing number of high-achieving students.

Program Benefits

Students in the Honors College are offered privileges that allow them to more easily maintain a record of academic excellence. The following are among the many program benefits:

Honors Tuition Scholarship

Students accepted into the Honors College are awarded a scholarship that is equal to in-state tuition charges. The scholarship is payable each semester and is renewable for eight consecutive semesters. Students who graduate early have the opportunity to apply the in-state, undergraduate scholarship amount toward graduate school tuition at ECU. Scholarships may be stacked as long as they do not exceed the cost of attendance. You can learn more about the scholarship here.

EC Scholars

If an Honors College applicant wishes to apply for the elite EC Scholars program, they will include three additional essays as part of their application. As many as twenty students are awarded the coveted scholarship totaling $40,000 over four years with an additional $5000 to be applied toward a required study abroad program.

Business Scholars

Like EC Scholars, Business Scholars have an additional component to their application process. Those applicants interested in the Business Scholars program will write two additional essays. Students chosen for the program will receive an additional $3000 scholarship per year above the Honors College tuition scholarship and they are guaranteed entry in the AACSB accredited MBA program after graduation from the School of Business if they remain in good standing and meet all requirements of the program.

Early Assurance

The Early Assurance programs do not carry an additional scholarship award, however, those accepted into these elite programs are guaranteed admission into the Brody School of Medicine or the College of Allied Health Sciences upon graduation from ECU. This program is available for North Carolina residents only.

Honors Residence Dormitory

Honors College Students live in a living learning community located in Garrett Hall during their freshman year and many choose to stay in the dormitory because of the convenient location and the camaraderie shared with other students in the program. Garrett Hall is also home to students in the Biology Living-Learning Community as well as the Chemistry and Physics Living-Learning Community. Students outside of these groups may live in Garrett when living with someone in one of the living-learning communities.

Garrett is conveniently located across from the Mamie Jenkins Building, the home of the Honors College. It is also close to the new cafeteria complex, Joyner Library, Mendenhall Student Center and the Student Recreation Center. It is also a very short walk to Greenville's picturesque downtown area.

The dorm is one of the older dorms on campus and has a lovely courtyard with picnic tables and shade trees. The common areas are newly renovated and offer plenty of private space and study areas. The halls are Co-Ed with men and women having separate bathroom facilities. Most rooms have built-in closets, window air conditioning units, and sinks in the room.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research opportunities are available for those students seeking to participate. Students should be proactive in working with advisors and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Leadership and Service Activities

Honors College students are encouraged to participate in service projects as part of their experience at East Carolina University. The day after moving to campus, Honors College students participate in a full day of service and there are group projects throughout the year.

Mamie Jenkins Building

The Mamie Jenkins Building is the home of the Honors College at ECU. The historic building is newly renovated and not only houses staff offices, but provides students with meeting space, study facilities, and a technology center. The building is conveniently located close to the Honors College dorm, student activity center, library and lecture halls.

Special Activities and Travel

Honors College students participate in planned and impromptu trips throughout the year. Trips have included visits to amusement parks and sailing outings on the 70-foot schooner, the Jennie B. There is also a leadership lecture series where the students are often selected to meet with the speaker in smaller groups.

Other Honors College Perks

While not a deciding factor for many students when choosing where they will attend college, there are other privileges enjoyed by Honors College students. They include:

  • Priority course registration - There are fewer problems enrolling in the classes students need to complete their degree when they get first choice of classes.
  • Graduate library privileges - Honors College students have lending privileges with the graduate library and are able to keep materials until the end of the semester giving them plenty of time to complete their research.
  • Early move-in day and time for freshmen - Honors College students have scheduled move-in times that help them beat the rush. After moving in early they are free to explore the campus, meet other students and prepare for the day of service to follow the next day.
  • Mentorship - Honors College students work with older students in the program - students who have walked the same path and can help new students adjust to the demands of the rigorous academic program and the challenges of being in college.
  • Networking - Throughout their career at ECU, Honors College students will have many opportunities to meet with professors, deans and community leaders in social settings.

How to Qualify

Prospective students must submit an application and all accompanying documents by December 1. If invited to apply, the Honors College supplement is due by December 15. To qualify, applicants must score either a 1200 math and verbal SAT or a 27 ACT and have a 3.5 unweighted or 4.0 weighted GPA.

Application Timeline

  • December 1 - Complete application for undergraduate admission to ECU must be submitted by this date.
  • December 15 - Complete application for ECU Honors College as well as all supplemental essays for special scholars programs are due. Application to the Honors College is by invitation only.
  • January 31 - Targeted date to notify students selected for the Honors College program as well as finalists for EC Scholars, Business Scholars and Early Assurance programs.
  • February 15 - Honors College wait list application becomes available.
  • February 16 - Selection Sunday - Interviews set for EC Scholars, Business Scholars and Early Assurance applicants.
  • February 28 - Targeted notification date for EC Scholars, Business Scholars and Early Assurance students.

For more information about the Honors College and a full list of application deadlines, please visit the ECU Honors College website.


Disclaimer: My daughter is a freshman in the Honors College at ECU, my brother, and two cousins graduated from ECU, my father played football at ECU and served as chair of the Board of Trustees for many years. He and my stepmother, who also graduated from ECU, are benefactors of the Honors College. Also, if he plays his cards right, my nephew will be attending ECU in fall 2014.

Update on the Disclaimer (2017): My daughter graduates in May. My nephew did play his cards right and he graduates in 2018.

Jan 5, 2017 By Betsy Muse