Free Tools to Help Organize your Scholarship Search

Posted on Jan 17, 2017

Scholarship Search Strategy

Get your scholarship search organized so you don't miss a deadline. You improve your odds of winning scholarships dramatically if you actually get the application in on time. (Duh!)

Finding free money for college takes a lot of time, but money you don't have to pay back is better than money you owe no matter how low the interest rate. (Captain Obvious strikes again!)

Just thinking of paying student loans over a few decades makes searching for scholarships and grants well worth the effort.

If you're young and reading this, that might be difficult to comprehend, so let's list a few of the things that carrying around too much student loan debt might cause:

inability to buy a new car - if you can afford the payment, your debt ratio might still be too high inability to buy a house - (see above) lack of funds for travel lack of mobility in a job - if you can...

College Spotlight: The Honors College at East Carolina University

Posted on Jan 5, 2017

Mamie Jenkins Building ECU Honors College

Update on its way! The ECU Honors College has been so successful that the university plans to double the size of incoming classes from 100 to 200 students. Other changes are coming for next year, so please check back for an update. We will have it posted as soon as we get the information necessary.

The Honors College at East Carolina University is a young program with a lot of promise. In 2013 ECU welcomed 110 academically talented students representing the fourth class in the program. In a few short years, the Honors College at East Carolina University has helped the University attract a growing number of high-achieving students.

Program Benefits

Students in the Honors College are offered privileges that allow them to more easily maintain a record of academic excellence. The following are among the many program benefits:

Honors Tuition Scholarship


Campus Spotlight: Historic College Campuses

Posted on Jan 5, 2017

The Old Well at UNC

Many students look for colleges that are not only rich in tradition, but that also hold an important place in history. These colleges and universities often have beautiful campuses that display centuries of architectural styles rather than just decades.

When researching your options for attending college look into the history of the institution, important events that have happened on campus, and graduates who have accomplished great things. Some of these events might surprise you and help you see the school in a different light.

Here are a handful of schools that are rich in history to get you started. You'll also find links to need and merit-based scholarships to these colleges and universities linked on the right sidebar. We've also added a link to scholarships offered to those who either have a strong background in history or who plan to study history. If you know...

Tips for Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

Posted on Jan 15, 2014

Woman writing an essay

Writing the scholarship essay is probably the hardest part of applying for college scholarships. It can feel like your entire future is riding on this one essay and the pressure to get it perfect will get in your way. Relax. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to writing a winning scholarship essay.

Analyze the Essay Prompt

To write a powerful scholarship essay you must work within the boundary of the instructions and you must answer the prompt. To make sure you do not miss any points, analyze the prompt and map out the different meanings behind it. If the prompt is not specific, write down what you think it will take to answer the question posed.

For example, if you are prompted to write about your most embarrassing moment, you have to decide how to approach the essay. Will you write a humorous and entertaining essay to show that you have a positive...

Major Spotlight: Biological Engineering

Posted on Jan 5, 2014


A major in biological engineering offers students an opportunity to enter a field with the potential to make a tremendous impact on our world. Whether developing drugs to treat disease, creating plants with the potential to meet the growing demand for food, or designing new ways to create and store energy; bioengineers are working to find solutions to a wide variety of problems.

What is Bioengineering?

Biological engineering involves using engineering design and analysis to help develop advances in agriculture, food production, and pharmaceuticals, as well as in the preservation and protection of natural resources. The University of California, Berkeley has an excellent description of the study of bioengineering on its site.

A very broad area of study, bioengineering can include elements of electrical and mechanical engineering, computer science,...